• Stabilized ornithological radar for marine research

  • 3Bird Stabilized Offshore Radar System for marine research on migrating birds detects automatically birds and bats on the open sea.

    The 3Bird Radar System has its own independent self-levelling system. The applied technological solutions allow the system to be installed anywhere on the ship.

    The operation of the system is in accordance with the methodological recommendations: StUK3, StUK4, practices from Danish and Polish pre-investment monitoring of offshore wind farms.

    The 3Bird - 3BROS Control software integrates tracking devices and is responsible for automatically adjusting the parameters of bird detection algorithms depending on the height of sea waves. The innovative solution allows horizontal radar research to be conducted in much more difficult weather conditions (sea state <= 4 on the Douglas scale, wind speed up to 5 Bft, wave height up to 250 cm or more, research range up to 8 km).